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Our Team

Frank Greek's headshot

Frank Greek

Cathy Greek's headshot

Cathy Greek

Executive Vice President
David Greek's headshot

David Greek

Managing Partner
David Weissman's headshot

David Weissman

Managing Partner
Matt Schlindwein's headshot

Matt Schlindwein

Managing Partner
Brett Mercer's headshot

Brett Mercer

Managing Partner
Masha Sherman's headshot

Masha Sherman

Chief Financial Officer
Nick Kolupanowich's headshot

Nick Kolupanowich

Vice President of Engineering
Jason Fisch's headshot

Jason Fisch

Vice President of Leasing
Alex Motiuk's headshot

Alex Motiuk

Director of Acquisitions
Paul Moser's headshot

Paul Moser

Director of Construction
Steve Chick's headshot

Steve Chick

Director of Pre-Construction
Ryan Pierce's headshot

Ryan Pierce

Director of Development Accounting
Maria Garcia Peck's headshot

Maria Garcia Peck

Director of Corporate Accounting
Edward Chandler's headshot

Edward Chandler

Director of Property Management
Danielle Mogilski's headshot

Danielle Mogilski

Office Manager