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Formed from a legacy of purpose, intention, and dedication to the quality of work we create and the people who create it

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A collective that spearheads every challenge

Becoming a member of the Greek teams means leveraging interdepartmental bonds shaped by our collaborative culture. Our commitment is to provide our team with a safe, sustainable work environment that encourages growth and teamwork through our company coordinated events, as well as the organically developed relationships built on a family-modeled legacy.

We aim for a culture that is engaged, competitive, challenging and rewarding. Having the right people that are highly motivated, ambitious, and collaborative has directly tied to fulfilling those culture commitments and goals. We continuously survey the team to know how we are doing in our commitment to them, and where we can improve.

Greek company values

Team on a mission

Work together to build relationships and exceptionally engineered structures that sustain for generations.

Help each other thrive

Ensure the success of the company and the success of our colleagues by affording development opportunities and support, both personally and professionally.

Evolve, learn and grow

Explore ways to champion growth, promote creative, independent thinking, and leave ourselves open to new or better ways of operating.

Hard work, high standards

Maintain an owner-mentality by operating with integrity and focusing on delivering excellence to all stakeholders.